The Team


The symposium is held at various locations, with the main organization being handled by the local hosts. If you're looking for information about the organizers of the next symposium, you can find it here. In the past, the coordination and communication between participants and the event were primarily overseen by the founders, particularly Wulf Hein. However, starting from 2023, Jan Scheide has taken over the management of the symposium.

Jan Scheide

Jan Scheide began flintknapping as a teenager and has continued practicing it to this day. He first participated in the Symposium in 2013 and has been a regular attendee ever since. While flintknapping is primarily a hobby for him, he has also conducted demonstrations and workshops in various museums across Germany. In 2022, he volunteered to assist with the organization of the symposium. Currently, Jan Scheide is pursuing a Master's degree in Geology at the University of Göttingen in Germany.

Wulf Hein

Wulf Hein, the founder of the Flintknapping Symposium, has been practicing flintknapping for over 30 years. Alongside his passion for flintknapping, he works for museums as part of the firm Arctech, specializing in creating reconstructions ranging from ivory figures to entire houses. Wulf Hein is also known for his expertise in Stone Age technology and frequently provides demonstrations for film and television productions worldwide. Additionally, he has authored several books and published studies on experimental archaeology. Although he took a step back from the organization in 2022, Wulf Hein continues to attend the symposium as a participant and provides valuable support behind the scenes.