2023 Lubin

2023-Lubin and Rügen (DE)

The Symposium in 2023 took place at the Heimvolkshochschule Lubmin and was hosted by Joachim Krüger. On the way to the Baltic coast, there was an exceptional opportunity to visit the site of a Bronze Age battle in the Tolensetal, where Joachim assisted with the excavation. The symposium attracted more than 30 participants from various parts of Europe. As part of the excursion, the group visited the Island of Rügen, where they had the chance to witness the impressive chalk cliffs and observe the flint nodules in their natural setting. Additionally, they visited some well-preserved Megalithic tombs, showcasing remarkable craftsmanship. A video report documenting this event will be available soon.

Joachim enjoying the nice weather (Photo: Joachim Kilchert)