About Us

The start of the symposium

 The International Flintymposium is a gathering primarily attended by European Flintknappers. It was founded in 2007 by Wulf Hein and Marquard Lund on the island of Møn. Since its inception, the symposium has been held in various locations throughout Europe, including Sweden, Italy, and Poland. The complete history of past locations can be found on our records. After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the symposium resumed in 2022. It serves as a platform for connecting with fellow flintknappers and researchers, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange within the community. 

The participants during the discussion (Sweden, 2022)

What do we do during the Event

During the symposium, participants are always invited to a new location by a local host. These locations vary, ranging from museums to campgrounds or even people's backyards. As part of the event, there is typically an excursion organized to visit regional archaeological sites, where participants have the opportunity to collect knappable materials. The symposium serves as a platform for knappers to exchange the latest techniques and discuss various materials. On one day of the event, if held in a public location, demonstrations and show-and-tell sessions are open to the public. All levels of knappers, from beginners to highly skilled artisans, are welcome to attend.

Since the event is international in nature, the main language of communication is English. However, due to a significant number of German participants, German serves as the secondary language for communication. If you are interested in hosting the Symposium or wish to participate, please utilize the contact form provided on the website.

A typical image of the participants of the Symposium working  (Denmark,2013)