2016 Asparn

2016 Asparn an der Zaya (AT)

The Symposium 2016 took place in Asparn an der Zaya in Austria. The Excursion went to the Czech Republic.Visiting the the Mikulov Muzeum in Pavlov, where we explored the exhibition guided by Petr Kubin, the museum director. We also visited the Krumlovsky Les Flintmine, where Martin Oliva provided an insightful tour. Our final stop was the Pavillon Anthropos in Brno. On Saturday we had the privilege of visiting the Stonehenge exhibition at MAMUZ in Mistelbach, led by museum director Matthias Pacher. In the evening, we enjoyed a delightful grill party hosted by the museum, followed by engaging public presentations.  Sunday featured public flintknapping activities, showcasing enthusiasts' skills.