2024 Blaubeuren

2024-Blaubeuren/Schelklingen (DE)

The Symposium in 2024 was hosted by the Urmu Blaubeuren, in collaboration with the Eiszeitstudio Schelklingen and the University of Tübingen. Thy museum is situated in the splendid Swabian Alb, a region in the southern part of Germany renowned for its stunning natural beauty and remarkable archaeology. The area is known for its numerous caves, which have yielded some of the oldest known human figurines.

During the Symposium, participants visited  several significant archaeological sites like the Lonetaal home of the lion man and the Hohlefels with the oldest known human sculpture. In addition, they were able to look a signifiant art and artefacts from the ice age. The symposium was well attended with over 40 participants form 

Museum Blaubeuren

Eiszeitstudio Schelklingen 

University Tübingen



Wednesday, May 8th 2:00 p.m


Excursion: Guided tour of the Hohlenstein -Stadel, where the Lion Man was found , with Rudi Walter.

 Thursday May 9th 


09:00-10:00 Flintknapping in the URMU (Blaubeuren Prehistoric Museum)


Gvidas Slah: Archaeology in Lithuanias

Sayuri De Zilva : Plug & Play in prehistory - or the ancient and bone-hard everyday "Schnick-Schnack- Schnick -Game" with the special players Silex and Kupfer


Friday 10.05. 9:40

 Excursion through the Aachtal , meeting point Blaubeeren train station

Train ride to Schelklingen Hike to Blaubeuren (approx. 10 km)

Visit to the caves (Hohle Fels, Geisenklösterle  Sirgenstein and Brillenhöhle)

Evening: Barbecue at the Blaubeuren Museum


Saturday 11.05.


Flintknapping in the museum, public for visitors

Short excursion to the Blautopf


Sibylle Wolf: UNESCO World Heritage Caves and Ice Age Art of the Swabian Alb

Claudio Tennie : Stone processing by great apes

Thomas Hess: The production of microliths at the Early Mesolithic open-air site ' Feuersteinacker ' in Central Germany

Fatima Wollgast: ARCHÄOTECHNICA - When experimental archaeology, archaeotechnology and education join forces at a museum event


 Sunday 12.05

Flintknapping  in the museum