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May 2025 

Krzemionki (Poland) (proposed)

subject to change

To be announced.

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The Symposium for 2025 is now in the planning phase. Currently, we are planning to hold the symposium at the famous flint mines of Krzemionki (Poland). The date will be announced soon. 

The Symposium is always a unique event for the region.  The Symposium 2024 had coverage from multiple newspapers. The press coverage can be found here

Most of our participants are involved in the creation of prehistoric implements. And the Symposium only concentrates on flint, but we occasionally put the tools we make to the test. One of our areas of interest is prehistoric woodworking. If you're curious to see how stone and bone implements fare against oak, check out our friends over at 

Please also check out our friends from the European Stoneage Gathering. They organize the biggest European meeting of Stoneage enthusiasts. They connect people with a wide skill set from cooking to tanning .

Locations of the past symposia

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The preparation for this year's Symposium is in full swing. We are excited to announce that we have been invited by the Urmu Blaubeuren in collaboration with the Eiszeitstudio Schelklingen and the University of Tübingen. The organization is currently underway, focusing on arranging the excursion and evening presentations. Further details and updates regarding Symposium 2024 are available on our website under the dedicated section for the event. The program for the symposium is out now.

We are now online! 

As you can see, we finally have a website. It is still under construction and will continue to expand. We are working on a page dedicated to documenting the history of the symposium, including detailed information and videos from past events. This section is still a work in progress and will be updated regularly.

We are also in the process of updating the contacts for all participants. Please note that detailed information and communications regarding the symposium will still be sent via email. We appreciate your patience as we work on enhancing the website and ensuring smooth communication with all attendees.